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Resistance to slavery

The Non-Violent resistance to slavery was Passive Resistance. Slaves used songs to resist slavery. Slaves might hold a secret meaning by singing the song "Steal Away to Jesus." White folks who heard it didn't know what it meant. Othet ways slaves resisted passively was that they pretented to be sick, some broke tools on purpose, snd some actually ran away. All slaves knew the great chance of getting caught and the price they'll have to pay.
Passive Resistance

Yet other salves had no intentioon of being passive so they were violent. Some slaves tried to set a fire, but they were stopped and usually hanged. Some tried to poison their master's food. In 1800,  Gabriel Prosser, a black preacher and blacksmith who had been freed, was planning an uprising. He was betrayed by a slave and was hanged with 35 other  slaves. In 1822, another free slave, a carpenter,  planned to lead a rebellion on the anniversary of the French Revolution. He was also betrayed by  a slave and was executed with 35 other black men. Nat Turner led the most violent rebellion. He planned to lead a uprising in Southampton, Virginia. 57 white people were killed, which put the white southerners in panic. After some weeks, Turner was captured and executed. This caused millions of white southerners to support slavery more.
Nat Turner's Violent Uprising

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