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The Mistress was one of the most important people in the plantations, next to the planters. She was expected to obey the planter's every order wothout question. Her jobs were to expexted to care for her family, took care of the physical and spiritual well being of her "slave family, saw that the slaves had food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, and sometimes advice. She was in charge of all the the cooking and herb growing and nursing slaves. When her husband (planter was absent she was in charge of everything (the whole plantation.)  When mistresses first become mistresses they hardly knew anything, so most of them learned their tasks from slaves.
Example of mistress

The Big House was the house of the planter which symbolized his wealth. It was usually a three-story mansion. A long hallway led to the dining room, parlor, librabry, and sitting room. There was many pieces of fine furniture, paintings, tapestries, and many other fine objects usually imported from Europe. Many guestrooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It had nursuries for the planter's children and on the upper balcony they planter had slaves put a loose board that was attached by two sawhorses for "joggling" cranky infants or bored children.


Example of a Big House.


A plantation was a self-contained world in which everyone-planter, mistress, hired workers, and slaves - played a very important role in. The planter had total control.  He decided what goes on and when it's done and how it's done. He decide if slave's were to marry or not, he even held a little court when problems arose.

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