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The Cotton Kingdom
Resistance to slavery

The Cotton Kingdom

The cotton gin, invented by Eli Whitney revolutionized the cotton industry in the United States. It cleaned cotton very quickly, It did the work of 50 slaves at a time. It could generate 50 pounds of cleaned cotton within a day's work. Eli didn't make much profit from this machine because many people copied his machine and designs and sell them. Since the machine cleaned cotton so rapidly the south went overexcessive for it.
Cotton Gin

Eli Whitney

Since cotton could be planted in the numbers beacause of the cotton gin, cotton became a cashcrop (a crop mainly grown for money.) Also because cotton was excessively planted it called for more slaves. Slaves were forced to work day on, and day on long hours. Ans after their job of picking cotton they had other jobs. for example, cleaning, etc. They depended on cotton a little to much, if cotton failed then most of the farmers in the south would loose so much. They would loose a lot of profit , even their whole year of growing only cotton, say goodbye to  money.

Because cotton was growing by the numbers in the south, more and more people wanted to come to participate in the whole thing. All the people who were settling in south wanted to grow just as much cotton as the next guy. Since so many people were settling in different territories, they could apply to become a sate. This means that if the south gets more states they would dominate the north in the senate. Now they can reject any law made by the north to abolish slavery, and also ban any bill trying to benift the north.


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